Visit of Le Mont Saint-Michel village



You think you know Le Mont Saint-Michel? Did you know there is a real ancient village at the abbey’s foot? Let’s go together to explore. You will get great views over the bay, and enjoy the narrow backstreet

Outings are only confirmed if there are at least 6 participants.
There will be stairs and steps. Everything outdoors.
Visit for all

Access to Mont Saint-Michel: From the car park, it takes 45 minutes from October to April and 1 hour 30 minutes or more from May to September, depending on the number of visitors.

Equipment / other things to bring: Bring good shoes - Waterproof sun cream - Water bottle - Backpack - Baby carrier for small children (not accessible with a pushchair) - Pets allowed on a leash
Informations Générales
  • Guide-Accompagnateur :
    • Cécile LOISEAU
  • Durée :
    • 1h15
  • Public :
    • Tout public
  • Point de départ :
    • Rendez-vous : By the Tourist Office
  • Lieux d'arrivée :
    • Lieu de fin de visite : Main street
  • Distance :
    • 1 Km
  • Jauge :
    • 20 personnes max.
    • Départ assuré à partir de 6
  • Langues de la visite :
    • Anglais